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Welcome to Porto i/o - your community-centred coworking space.

Olá! We are Porto i/o and we have 4 beautiful coworking space across Porto. All of them are set in unique and historical buildings in the heart of the best areas in Porto.

If you are looking for a great place to work from, with an amazing environment, a talented community, and all the amenities you need, come to say hi!

Tired of walking around? We’re listeners. Pop by, grab a coffee, jump on the wifi, and tell us what you’re up to…

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Coworkers ❤ Porto i/o
the best coworking space in porto. the place is gorgeous, the riverside building has breathtaking views, the staff is very nice, the prices are good and the working conditions excellent! they have a kitchen, common spaces for relaxing and a meeting room. they also refill fruit and coffee every week. there is no elevator.
Nuno Gomes
Nuno Gomes
Researcher and Project Manager at NUCLIO - Núcleo Interativo de Astronomia
one of the coolest coworking space i've ever been to! the view on the douro river from the balcony is awesome 😍 inside, you’ll work with a lot of windows with view on the pont dom-luís or the palácio da bolsa, with nice natural light. the team is very nice. wifi is fast. chairs are comfortable. best coworking space in porto 👍.
Clément Barbaza
Clément Barbaza
Business owner, web developer, project manager
i recently travelled to porto on a business trip and needed a place to work for a week. the location is fantastic, the other members are very kind and everyone has a blast working out of this space. also, the staff is very attentive and i felt right at home. thanks, porto i/o riverside! i hope to be back soon! até logo. :)
Shobu Filho
Shobu Filho
Co-Founder @ Click Digital Advertising
my work home! after trying out a few different options around porto and matosinhos i finally found porto i/o seaside and now call it home! the vibe here is great, a mix of local portuguese, local foreigners and nomads. the mix means there are always familiar faces, but also always new people with new stories and ideas to share.
beyond the friendly environment where everyone says hi each morning, there is also the fast wifi - i have never had a problem - the bookable meeting room, the skype booths, the shower (for after a swim or surf at the beach - so cool!), the kitchen and the chill-out area. oh! and the standing desks, which is killer for helping me get off my butt. the location is perfect as we are one block from the beach, and surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants. it is also close to the metro, but i live nearby so i get to walk each day.
Carly Petracco
Carly Petracco
Co-founder @ Taste Porto Food Tours
i strongly recommend this coworking space. i have been using it for about 1 year and it has been a great experience. everything fits as it should be, the people running it is very available and the atmosphere between coworkers is very good. it is a good place to work and at the end of the day enjoy the sun and the sea.
Maria Barros
Maria Barros
International Business Manager @ MPG