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About Porto i/o

In 2014, we opened Porto i/o Downtown. A 19th-century building once used for textile storage by the Douro River, this iconic building won our hearts. This became the first home, inspiring us to craft a hub for Porto’s digital community.
By June 2016, Porto i/o Riverside emerged – a penthouse with astonishing views of the city and the Douro River. Legend says that a lot of port-wine deals were made right there. We pioneered coworking in Porto with two distinct locations, fostering creativity and diversity.
Seeing Porto’s ongoing expansion, we launched Porto i/o Seaside in 2017, marrying beachside leisure with connectivity. This beautiful 18th-century building was used to store wine and canned fish to be sent worldwide from and to Porto de Leixões. This brought us closer to Matosinhos, amplifying our reach among locals and surf-loving visitors. We want to make Porto global while welcoming the world to this dynamic city.

Porto io Team

Our team

Rita - Porto io


General Manager Porto i/o
(Downtown, Riverside, Seaside)

Hellen - Porto io

Hellen Graciosa

Operations and Administrative Porto i/o
Community Manager @Downtown

Claudia - Porto io

Claudia Bressan

Marketing and Communication Porto i/o
Community Manager @Riverside

Gisely - Porto io


Events and Experience Porto i/o
Community Manager @Seaside

Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility commitment is reflected in everything we do, from spaces to our memberships.


We collaborate with local families to restore historical buildings, working closely with skilled professionals to preserve architectural heritage


We back local initiatives, sponsor events, and foster networking, aiming to provide the best for our residents, visitors, and community.


If we think someone’s profile will be a better fit in another coworking space, we redirect that person there.


We value tolerance and diversity, promoting inclusivity within our team and spaces.


Facilitating others' success brings us more joy than seeking recognition.