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Learn more about what moves us, our services, projects, and products.

We are happy to make of our homes the beating heart of all things beautiful and digital in Porto, while always focusing on people. Because of this, we proudly see plenty of projects, cooperations, collaborations, businesses and even love relationships happening inside of our doors.

This is one of the reasons why we love to offer what suits you, your team, or your company best - either it is our Services, Products or Projects.

I want to check Porto i/o Services

Porto i/o Services

Space as a Service

Are you looking to set up your own space? We certainly can help. Designing, building and developing friendly, attractive, usable and efficient workspaces is what we do for breakfast.

Events Organisation

Whether it is a local meetup of an international conference - we’ve done it all. And people loved it! Have you got an event in mind? We can help!

Community Building

This is what we are known for: transforming a beautiful bunch of individuals and make a community out of them. Do you want to know what it’s like? Come and challenge us!

Company Retreats

We’ve been hosting company retreats for many years, and we’ve made some very good friends. Discover Porto while getting things done. Bonus: we can get involved in the programme too, from quirky sightseeing to involve local talent.

Projects Incubation

Did you just start a project, a company or become a freelancer? Starting standing on the shoulders of giants will not only make things easier but also funnier. Focus on what you do best, we’ll open you the right doors!

Business Soft Landing

We’ve been the launching ramp of many companies - from big enterprises to small startups - that decided to open in Porto. Not only we are extremely well connected, but we certainly don’t do things the boring way. Let us be your local partner in crime.

Real Estate for Creative Spaces

We opened 5 spaces in 5 years, not counting the dedicated spaces. We visited countless places, saw them raw and turned them awesome. If you have a crazy idea but do not know where to start, you might as well pass by for a coffee. We do love a good chat!

I want to check Porto i/o Products

Porto i/o Products


This is what we are known for, and we are pretty much the reference in Porto. But we love the fact we are indie - so we can grow as we envision it and, more importantly, keep our values alive.

Dedicated Workspaces

We are fans of the grow as you go attitude. We love to shape our products to fit the needs of growing projects, and we love to be challenged. Whether you are looking for a room for three 3 or a whole floor for 35, we’ve got your back!

Event Room

That right! We have a dedicated space for events. We can host pretty much anything from casual meetups, unconferences, workshops, lectures, etc. The room is super flexible, and so is our team.

Meeting Rooms

Are you looking for a cosy room to have a meeting downtown Porto? Do you want to impress a client with amazing river views? Do you need to have a business call but are enjoying some beach time? Relax - we’ve got your back!

Freelancers Packages

A very big portion of our crowd is freelancers. And we’ve been helping them since day 1. We started a freelancer incubation programme that will teach you all the hacks to reduce the boring stuff. Exciting, right? Get in touch!

I want to check Porto i/o Projects

Porto i/o Projects

Digital Nomads Meetup

Since our early days, we’ve been the go-to place for hundreds of nomads from all around the world. We’ve been organising the oldest Digital Nomads Meetup in Porto with the motto “Nomad like a local”. It’s every month - join us on the next one. Oh! And the most beautiful thing? We’ve inspired some of our community to go explore the World. How cool is that?

Porto Internationals

A big share of our community came from far lands to choose Porto as their home. And that’s exactly what we want to be: a cultural crossroad where everyone learns to share and appreciate diversity. For that we also have a monthly get together. Come meet our internationals!

Freelancers Network

Yet another gathering fomented by our beautiful team. This one came to fill a gap in the meetup scene of our beloved city - we felt that we needed a place to empower our fellow freelancers to connect, collaborate and share stories. That’s exactly what happens every month in the house. It’s open to everyone!

Cowork Buzz

For us, Coworking is all about sharing and community. In 2016 we put in practice our desire to gather all the spaces of Portugal and create synergies. It went so well that since 2017 it became “the most people-centred coworking conference of Europe”. It’s been a ride, and a privilege to be doing it.