Logo Porto i/o - Coworking space in Porto

Three spaces, three locations, three views, your choice!

Our Three Iconic Spaces

Porto i/o Downtown, Porto i/o Riverside, and Porto i/o Seaside are at the heart of the community. All our coworking spaces are built from historic buildings filled with history. Take a look!

Porto io Downtown - iconic location


Experience everything in the heart of Porto. Be surrounded by astonishing monuments, great food, historic buildings, and the best entertainment. All of this is just a step away from your work spot.


Work from a beautiful penthouse with the best view of the old town and the Douro River. While the city is buzzing downstairs, get inspiration from our most panoramic space. The real work with a view!


Do you imagine going for a surf or a walk on the beach for your coffee break? Or maybe having some of the best fish restaurants in town a few minutes away? At Seaside, you can have it all.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our Community

At Porto i/o, you’ll find much more than a desk; you’ll find a community. Become a member and become part of our family forever.

Our Iconic Buildings

Our three spaces are located within iconic buildings dating back to the 16th century! We are preserving and being part of the history by maintaining old buildings.