Logo Porto i/o - Coworking space in Porto

Surf or walk on the beach as a coffee break. Let the fresh air from the ocean inspire you.

Our Iconic Seaside

Enjoy the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, listen to the ocean waves while you work, or take a break at the beach.

Porto io Downtown - iconic location


Experience everything in the heart of Porto. Be surrounded by astonishing monuments, great food, historic buildings, and the best entertainment. All of this is just a step away from your work spot.

Porto io Riverside - iconic location


Work from a beautiful penthouse with the best view of the old town and the Douro River. While the city is buzzing downstairs, get inspiration from our most panoramic space. The real work with a view!

Porto io Seaside - iconic location


Do you imagine going for a surf or a walk on the beach for your coffee break? Or maybe having some of the best fish restaurants in town a few minutes away? At Seaside, you can have it all.

What Makes Seaside Unique?

Surfboard and bike storage

Don't worry. If you surf, we'll keep your friend safe. And you can even wash the sand off your feet in our shower.

Iconic building

This is a beautiful 18th-century warehouse full of character that used to store wine and canned fish transported worldwide from the Porto de Leixões.