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A place to work, a place for community building

We Breathe Porto, We Are Porto

Porto is all about people, and so is the DNA of our coworking space. We work with local resources and believe people are bigger than any project or company. That’s why Porto i/o works like a happy family.
We genuinely believe in the community’s power and that we can build great things together

We Breathe Porto - we are porto - porto io coworking space

What We Offer

Our services and offers - porto io coworking space

Our solutions are built with the needs of our coworkers. Our main services are coworking space memberships full-time 24/7, part-time memberships, private offices, meeting rooms, casual passes, and, of course, the most incredible experiences and events.
We strive to make your stay in Porto unforgettable.

Our Hearts, Our Locations

Our first Porto coworking space was created in 2014, Downtown. In 2016, we expanded to Riverside and in 2017 to Seaside, in Matosinhos. As we grow, we keep valuing a sense of family and belonging throughout all of our locations.
These locations are our hearts; these locations are our strength.

Our Core Values


We are natural community builders. We always put people first in every decision and action we do.


We use local resources to refurbish and maintain old buildings, ensuring that local businesses are part of our journey, too.


All our coworking spaces are 100% powered by renewable energy sources.


We have a rich cultural diversity that we want to keep. The greater the diversity, the greater the achievements.

What do coworkers say about Porto i/o ❤ ?

Logo Porto i/o - Coworking space in Porto